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 Recruitment Rules and Application form

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PostSubject: Recruitment Rules and Application form   Tue Jan 01, 2013 4:29 am

Information needed from you:
1. Name (first name is fine):
2. In-Game name(s) (list every single one):
3. Country + Timezone:
4. Age:
5. Gender (Male or Female) :
6. What good can you bring to .cF|?:
7. How long you have playing AC?:
8. Do you know any .cF| members if so who are they?:
9. Other clans you have been in and the reason why you left?:
10. How often/how many hours you play per day?:
11. Have you ever been blacklisted? (Before/Now) Why?:
12. What Division are you interested in joining? (If you are uncertain, feel free to read the Global announcement to assist you) (If you are willing to apply for Combat Soldiers, please include the members of the division who have invited you)(Minimum 2 invites) :
13. Tell us about yourself (Minimum one paragraph):
14. Have you fully read the rules and will run by them?:

Recruitment Rules:
1. The application length may be lengthy so be ready! (Minimum 1 week)
2. You must have at least known around 3 members of the Chosen Faithful clan.
3. The members you claim to know must confirm in your application. If they do not remember to, it is your duty to remind them to!.
4. you must spend time with the division members of your choice and get to know the members. Once you get accepted, they will be your best friends!
5. To significantly improve your application, you may post screenshots of matches taken with .cF|members or public matches. Whether great or worst, we need you to show your effort!
6. You must have patience and wait until the clan members have an answer for your acceptance or rejectiopn.
7. Have a good time and remember to have courage in your application!

Thank you and good luck!
~LordMoonaN Assaultcube Soldier.
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Recruitment Rules and Application form
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