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 FireDeath Application

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PostSubject: FireDeath Application   Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:55 pm

1. Kameron

2. i have had a quite lengthy list of old names, FireDeath(Current) , PinkiePie(Dont ask ) Max_payne , Inferno this is all i can remember right now

3. Usa East

4. 15

5. Male

6. a great addition i mean i guess.................... never good at those questions but Hey Smile

7. 3 months in and 3 months out

8. You all know me Razz

9. TUF ( the 3 months i was out i come back and TUF was disbanded) , BOSS( to come here i guess oh and again Hey Smile

10.Maybe just 1 but depends on the day

11.backlisted as banned well there was once i got banned when i had record of 30-4 and they thought i was cheating , there was also this one time the admin was just banning people for no reason and i happen to be there and lord :? u banned me :?

12. Sever Developers but i would like to learn Gema

13. I like to laugh and that tells a lot about me lol! , I am sports addict and RAVENS better win superbowl since my falcons quited, am cool but u know stuff happens Evil or Very Mad , i like to push big red buttons affraid and last Pathetic will lose to me eventually Twisted Evil, Dont ask me about politices btw isnt George Bush President No

14. ........................................
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PostSubject: Re: FireDeath Application   Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:13 am

Welcome to the forums, you have rules and understood the recruit system.
Due to your interest in Server Developing now, it may take longer for us to create a decision but Hey Very Happy . Enjoy your stay and hope you understand the basic of server developing.
Happy codin'!
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FireDeath Application
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