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 .cF|Official Server Rules

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PostSubject: .cF|Official Server Rules   Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:32 pm

Server Rules as of now.
Will be updated constantly.

The most important thing about being admin is to be fair to other players. This means that just because you can change maps or kick someone doesn't mean you should, and not kicking those who need to go is just as bad. Admin is a job, you must be responsible or you will be removed from admin list.

1: Do not give admin to others. Do not give your password to others. I will never ask you for your password after it has been set.

2: Do not force your own map vote as admin, disable admin and vote.

3: Do not force players to switch teams unless most other players agree.

4: Do not kick/ban others from server just so you and/or others can use the server. Don't kick/ban just because you don't like someone.

5: Do not stay in admin mode.

6: Do not make ban or kick threats, tell them to stop whatever and if they don't then just kick, if they come back and do it again then ban.

7: Do not argue with them if they don't like being kicked or banned, be calm and state the facts and don't say more about it (that would be the start of an argument). If they are rude and disrespectful, let them stay for a minute or two so they can say all the rude stuff they want (this makes them look bad, silence is the best option for you here), then ban. If they return after the 20 minute ban and are ok then they can stay, if they start the same stuff again then do not wait just ban.

8: Watch for vote abusers and stop them. example, kicking others with false reason, voting players to switch teams that would make it unfair, constant map changes, voting a wrong map for the crowd (like while playing gema with 8 minutes remaining and someone shows up to vote some @campers map, the ones playing gema don't want to play that, and the same is true for the opposite)

9: Watch for hackers, if you see an obvious one like speedhack or wallhack, ban as soon as possible. others like headshot hack or aimbot may be harder to tell and if your not 99% sure then dont do anything right then, write down name, time, and server then let me know so I can check.

10: Watch what map is being voted, if you see map names like ac_douze_edit or ac_douze2, then these may be official maps that have been edited and you must stop the vote. If you are too slow and it does pass or you find an edited official map being played then vote any other map imediatly and ban the one who made the vote. In this case you need to contact me as soon as possible so I can make this a permanent blacklist entry.

11:Use some common sense when dealing with team kills, if its a dark map or a small or close contact map with lots of tight hallways then team kills will happen more often.

12: The rules listed here may change and or be added to. I will update everyone as soon as possible when they do. There may be cases that I have not mentioned here and you can still be removed from admin list even if you follow the rules so be careful with your option to be admin.

13: If I am on the server then I will handle admin unless I say otherwise or am away from keyboard.

14: If I am on a server and it is in private mode then do not attempt to join using admin, I have it private for a reason.

15: If I ban you from server do not attempt to use admin to evade ban, this will cause you to be permenantly blacklisted.

Most of this is in the main menu while admin but some like to use the command line entry instead.
Commonly used commands:
/setadmin 1 password To claim admin
/setadmin 0 To drop admin
/giveadmin Never use this
/whois cn# To show the IP address of the player
/kick cn# "reason why" To kick a player (you need to say why)
/ban cn# "reason why" To ban a player (you need to say why)
/removebans Incase you screw up and ban the wrong one, this also means that anyone else banned less than 20 min. before will now be able to come back. In that case you may need to ban the correct ones again.

/mastermode # 0 to open server, 1 to private server, 2 to matchmode server
/tosok name_of_map To vote a map in tosok mode. other modes osok, ctf, ktf, tktf, pf, dm, tdm, lss
If you vote a map while admin the vote passes imediatley so be careful.
/autoteam 0 To disable autoteam for maps like gema
/autoteam 1 To enable autoteam for any other map, you only need to do this if autoteam is disabled
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.cF|Official Server Rules
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