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 .cF|Clan is Officially Active!

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PostSubject: .cF|Clan is Officially Active!   Tue Jan 01, 2013 4:15 am

As of today, January 1st 2013 the clan, Chosen Faithful (.cF|) has finally been awaken!
We seek dedicated members whether Professional or Noob-like, Old or young!
The fun begins from you!

There are 4 Divisions to the clan.
Clan tag add-on maybe implanted however, it is still undecided.

Combat Soldiers!
This division is now INVITE ONLY.
This division are for those who are interested in having clan matches constantly. Members in this group constantly train and have matches in order to be a powerful member of the Chosen Faithful clan. They will mainly play in .cF|Public servers for a fun public match or a .cF|Match server to train or having an inter. If you are willing to join this division, make sure you get to know everyone in the team and learn from them as time passes!
Remember, you do not need to be a profession to be a soldier! Just show your honesty and effort and you will be able to join! In time, after plenty of training you will be a great soldier!
Good luck and happy fraggin'!

Server Developers!
This division is mainly for people who are interested in coding in Lua and creating useful scripts for the clan members. There may not be a lot of members who are willing to join this division however, it is gladly open for those who are willing to learn how to code and learn the basic idea of Assaultcube programming.
Good luck and happy scriptin'!

Map Generators!
This division is built for mappers. Players who are interested in creating fun maps for players to play in, this division is for YOU! There will be discussions and map creating constantly based on time and interest. If you are willing to join this division, make sure to: know the basic idea of mapping, know how to create maps and access server files etc etc!
There will be a recruit test based on the knowledge of mapping you consist and of you meet standards, you have a high probability of joining!
Good luck and happy Generatin'!

Gema Riders!
This division is built for players who are interested in obstacles known as gemas! Agility will be testing and the amount of time it takes for one gema to be completed. Feel free to apply for this division if you are one of the athletic players who test for speed, concentration, focus and energy!
Good luck and happy Ridin'!

These are just brief descriptions of each division to help you narrow your decision to a specific decision if you are intending to join the Chosen faithful community!
Remember Patience is the key and time is the path!
Lets get the family running as a real community!
You are the main component for this to be accomplished!
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.cF|Clan is Officially Active!
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