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 EvaN* Applying for .cF|

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PostSubject: EvaN* Applying for .cF|   Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:36 am

1). Name (first name is fine):

2). In-Game name(s) (list every single one):

3). Country + Timezone:
Oklahoma(us) Central Time

4). Age:

5). Gender (Male or Female) :

6). What good can you bring to .cF|?:

7). How long you have playing AC?:
2 Yrs

8 ). Do you know any .cF| members if so who are they?:
Kinda new to the members here(haven't really seen them around)

9. Other clans you have been in and the reason why you left?:
Roto(Old-Dead..clan) Si*(Old-Dead-Clan) Yolo(Still alive..Just got bored with the clan)

10). How often/how many hours you play per day?:
7 hrs a day

11). Have you ever been blacklisted? (Before/Now) Why?:
Yes, Now..Because This clan-leader got mad that I quit
Forgot what the clan name was..

12. What Division are you interested in joining?
Gema-Division..But I also wanna do Clan matches so..Undecided.

13). Tell us about yourself (Minimum one paragraph):
My Name Is teric(EvaN*), I Play sports..Very nice and creative
I Love to meet new friends.
Im 14
And I love to hang out..And chill
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PostSubject: Re: EvaN* Applying for .cF|   Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:12 am

Welcome to the forums Mr EvaN*
Spend time with Mistress Pathetic and she will decide whether you have been granted your acceptance or vice versa. Enjoy your stay and happy Ridin'!
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EvaN* Applying for .cF|
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